Awaken potential and radiate authenticity

I help people, ideas and products to shine – and I’ll show you how to do the same

Welcome. I’m a creative, educator and photographer skilled in helping individuals and their businesses and brands, to shine.

Our potential and the possibilities for our lives are unlimited. As we shift our bodies, we shift our perspectives and are able to reach new, untapped creative brilliance.

I’ve been a professional food and lifestyle photographer for almost a decade, with a client list that includes some of the world’s best-known brands. I am proud to say that my work is acclaimed, and while it’s often the lighting or layout which is complemented, that’s not the secret to creating beautiful imagery and building a six-figure business.

When we create, we must be willing to truly meet ourselves, in order to access and share our highest and greatest work.

Through creative exploration which encompasses photography, movement and the body, soul journey of yoga, my life’s work is helping you to get unstuck and awakening your passion so you can radiate authenticity and create a business and life that rocks.

Let’s work together and activate your infinite creative potential and highest self – from the inside out.


Journey deeper with me. See what emerges when you engage your body and spirit in the work of awakening. You’ll be amazed.

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Be enlivened, inspired, nourished and supported. Come learn new skills and find the connection and mentoring to help you embody your true self.


What I Do


From honest, authentic storytelling and brand imagery with heart, to documentary photography which reflects the exquisite joy of your day, I’m a photographer with a difference.

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From a background in fine art to helping some of the world’s biggest food & lifestyle brands to shine, for over a decade Karuna Clayton has been acclaimed for creating beautiful imagery and holding space for individuals and brands to realise the infinite possibilities for their growth.

Meeting clients where they are, is a theme which runs through all of Karuna’s teachings. Today she points to her embodied yoga practice and personal development as having been transformational in shaping her approach to photography, teaching and life generally.

Karuna’s work has been featured throughout the media in publications including The Guardian, The Independent and The Sunday Times.

Previous clients range from globally recognised brands such as Fortnum and Mason and News UK, to supporting start-ups and charities in powerfully bringing their truth to the world.

Deep experience, a true love of the work and an unquestionable gift combine to make Karuna Clayton one of the most exciting creatives today.



  • “Working with Karuna was always a joy. During our time together at Fortnum & Mason, we developed a strong brand vision, reshaping the social channels and creating a distinctly Fortnum’s style. Karuna’s way of working is easy-going, open and should be sold in bottles!”

    Ben – Digital & Social Media Strategy Consultant

    Fortum & Mason

  • “Karuna is one of the most generous women I know, in all senses of the word. She has an authenticity that is fairly unique and an ability to put people at ease with her vibrant, warm and friendly character. A true professional – consistently delivering to very high standards.”

    Katherine Walker – Global Marketing Director

  • “An enjoyable, relaxed and inspiring workshop. The team were welcoming and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable when I arrived. I came away feeling more confident in my digital photography skills and enthused to build on my newly acquired knowledge.” Katie – Workshop attendee

  • “Karuna, your photos are truly inspirational. Brilliant.” Campbell – photography client

My Work

From faces to spaces, and everything in between, I bring my open, energetic personality, skilled listening and high level expertise to your project, ensuring your brand and photography communicate with authenticity.