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My 5-Part Signature Process to Activate Your Personal Power, Grow your Online Business & Create the Life of Your Dreams. (Without the Burnout & Hustle)

In this masterclass I’m sharing with you the 5 steps I took at the beginning of my business to make my first £100K.

Step into your Artistry. Awaken your Potential.



Ciao beautiful soul,
And welcome to my world of Business Artistry.

I’m Karuna, an artist, business coach and photographer who supports creative and spiritual coaches and consultants to build pipelines in their business so they have the support and spaciousness to awaken themselves (and their businesses) and meet their full potential.

In essence, by empowering women to choose themselves and simplifying and demystifying digital funnels, so they can work smarter rather than harder and build the wealth and legacy they dream of.

Choose You

A Human-Led Business Program

For coaches, wellness pros and creatives to soulfully and sustainably supercharge their next level of business expansion.

A 6 month program simplifying and demystifying digital funnels so women can work smart rather than hard.

So you can generate more wealth, freedom and positive impact.

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Automated Artistry

A 6-month training for established coaches and leaders to build funnels and automate their sales systems.

And attract, grow and convert clients with ease, build revenue and create more freedom in your business and life.

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Ways to work with me

1:1 Coaching

Business expansion and artistry for coaches, ethical leaders and change-makers who don’t believe in doing everything on their own.

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You’re a female entrepreneur ready to step deeper into your artistry and embodied power through smart systems and compassionate support.

You’re ready to generate more wealth, freedom and positive impact, scale your business and meet your full potential.

My why?

I am passionate about empowering women to become financially independent and ultimately, to create more  freedom in their life and business.

Ask yourself this? What could meeting your potential look like?

Our potential and the possibilities for our lives are unlimited. As when we bring together root-level healing and invite smart and robust systems, we’re able to shift our perspectives, reach new, untapped creative brilliance and ultimately make more sales and positive impact without working harder.


I’ve been a professional food photographer and owned a marketing agency for over a decade, with a client list that includes some of the world’s best known brands. I am proud to say that my work is acclaimed, and while it’s often the look of a brand that gets complimented, creating a powerful brand is not the only secret. Building smart systems and a powerful brand is the way to building multi-6 figure businesses. And I want to show you how.
In my coaching world we combine root-level healing, creative exploration (encompassing photography, movement and the body, soul journey of somatics) and smart systems.
My life’s work is helping you awaken your potential so you can step into your embodied power and artistry and create a business and life that feels like freedom.
Let’s work together to create smart systems so you can step into your artistry and activate your infinite creative potential.


Free Trainings and Masterclasses to support your business to thrive with human-led sales so you can choose you, scale sustainably, and make an impact.

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Now supporting women to step into their power, embrace their story and scale their business THEIR way, free from guilt, shame and past limitations. Karuna uses root level healing and aligned strategy to help her clients create lasting wealth and get free!

Originally from seaside town Whitstable in the UK, Karuna now lives with her Venetian partner and daughter between Venice, Italy and Thailand where they recently built their dream home.

Deep experience, a true love of the work and an unquestionable gift combine to make Karuna Clayton one of the most exciting creative business coaches today.

Karuna’s work has been featured throughout the media in publications including The Guardian, The Independent and The Sunday Times.

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  • “Working with Karuna was always a joy. During our time together at Fortnum & Mason, we developed a strong brand vision, reshaping the social channels and creating a distinctly Fortnum’s style. Karuna’s way of working is easy-going, open and should be sold in bottles!”

    Ben – Digital & Social Media Strategy Consultant

    Fortum & Mason

  • “Karuna is one of the most generous women I know, in all senses of the word. She has an authenticity that is fairly unique and an ability to put people at ease with her vibrant, warm and friendly character. A true professional – consistently delivering to very high standards.”

    Katherine Walker – Global Marketing Director

  • Karuna is one of the most generous women I know, in all senses of the word. She has an authenticity that is fairly unique and an ability to put people at ease with her vibrant, warm and friendly character. A true professional – consistently delivering to very high standards.

  • We’ve worked with Karuna both in movement practices and business coaching. She has since inspired a lifetime commitment to our own practice and supported the growth of our business to levels we never dreamt were possible. We’re fully integrated as an online business and clients find us!

    Her ability to activate shifts using movement, breath, and business strategy are refreshingly unique and powerful.

    Her approach and integrity towards life are what give her the solid foundation to be the teacher and guide that people want. Thank you, Karuna!


Photography Portfolio

From faces to spaces, and everything in between, I bring my open, energetic personality, skilled listening and high level expertise to your project, ensuring your brand and photography communicate with authenticity.