You, yourself, in images

“It’s never just about the end product that you emerge with. It’s the process and transformation you go through whilst engaging your creativity, that is profound.” KC


  • We’ve worked with Karuna both in movement practices and business coaching. She has since inspired a lifetime commitment to our own practice and supported the growth of our business to levels we never dreamt were possible. We’re fully integrated as an online business and clients find us!

    Her ability to activate shifts using movement, breath, and business strategy are refreshingly unique and powerful.

    Her approach and integrity towards life are what give her the solid foundation to be the teacher and guide that people want. Thank you, Karuna!


  • I am incredibly grateful to have taken the leap and worked with Karuna. So many opportunities opened up with ease. I reconnected with my inner goddess, my power, and watched my confidence and business revenue rise. As Karuna used free movement, breath, and skillful strategy Yeasteria (and myself) flourished so beautifully and left us with the empowerment to keep moving and growing.

    Yeasteria – Esme

  • Karuna is one of the most generous women I know, in all senses of the word. She has an authenticity that is fairly unique and an ability to put people at ease with her vibrant, warm and friendly character. A true professional – consistently delivering to very high standards.

  • Karuna’s way of working is easy-going, open and should be sold in bottles!


About Karuna

From a background in fine art to helping some of the world’s biggest food & lifestyle brands to shine, for over a decade Karuna Clayton has been acclaimed for producing powerful imagery, and holding space for individuals and brands to realise the infinite possibilities for their growth.

Whilst it is often the lighting or layout of Karuna’s photographic work which is complemented, she admits they alone are not the secret to creating beautiful imagery;

“I believe that you can only meet others as much as you can meet yourself. I bring all of myself to every client, every job. While shooting, my only role is to immerse myself in extracting and preserving the beauty, truth and power of my subject.

I arrive open and ready to meet each client exactly where they are.”

Meeting clients where they are is a theme which runs through all of Karuna’s teachings. Today she points to her personal development and embodied yoga practice as having been transformational in shaping her approach to photography, teaching and life generally.

Deep experience, a true love of the work and an unquestionable gift combine to make Karuna Clayton one of the most exciting creatives today.

Living between London and Venice, and regularly travelling the world for clients, Karuna’s work has been featured throughout the media in publications including The Guardian, The Independent and The Sunday Times.

Previous clients range from globally recognised brands such as Fortnum and Mason and News UK, to supporting startups and charities in powerfully bringing their truth to the world.

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Everything begins and ends with compassion. For self, for planet, for others, for life.

I believe

We can only ever meet people as deeply as we’ve met ourselves

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