I believe we get to have it *all*

“It’s never just about where we desire to arrive. It’s the evolution and transformation you go through whilst engaging your creativity and heart, that is profound.” KC


  • We’ve worked with Karuna both in movement practices and business coaching. She has since inspired a lifetime commitment to our own practice and supported the growth of our business to levels we never dreamt were possible. We’re fully integrated as an online business and clients find us!

    Her ability to activate shifts using movement, breath, and business strategy are refreshingly unique and powerful.

    Her approach and integrity towards life are what give her the solid foundation to be the teacher and guide that people want. Thank you, Karuna!


  • I am incredibly grateful to have taken the leap and worked with Karuna. So many opportunities opened up with ease. I reconnected with my inner goddess, my power, and watched my confidence and business revenue rise. As Karuna used free movement, breath, and skillful strategy Yeasteria (and myself) flourished so beautifully and left us with the empowerment to keep moving and growing.

    Yeasteria – Esme

  • Karuna is one of the most generous women I know, in all senses of the word. She has an authenticity that is fairly unique and an ability to put people at ease with her vibrant, warm and friendly character. A true professional – consistently delivering to very high standards.

  • Karuna’s way of working is easy-going, open and should be sold in bottles!


About Karuna

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, 6-figure business coach and yoga teacher with over 15 years’ experience as a top-level commercial photographer.

I live in between Venice and Thailand, with my gorgeous toddler and Venetian man, where I’ve built a life I truly, deeply, madly LOVE….full of connection, joy and freedom. And I want to help you do the same.

I’m a trained coach, a certified yoga teacher, trauma-aware and in the process of qualifying as a trauma-informed family constellation therapist. I bring all of that to the deep work I do.

From silent retreats on the Greek coast, to ashtanga in India, to free movement in Bali, to nine years of personal therapy, I bring the fullness of my journey to the way I hold space for my people.

My name means COMPASSION, and that’s how I roll. With great open-heartedness with each and every human I meet.

Free Breakthrough Call

Everything begins and ends with compassion. For self, for planet, for others, for life.

I believe

We can only ever meet people as deeply as we’ve met ourselves

Work with me


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