Communicate with clarity and authenticity

It’s never just about the end product that you emerge with. It’s the process and transformation you go through whilst engaging your creativity, that is profound.

Food + Drink

My speciality: shooting exceptional food that leaps off the plate, communicating every morsel of the care you put in, in the images we create together.



Whether relaxed luxury, self-exploration, or focused skill-building is your jam, my workshops in Whitstable, London and Venice can help you take a leap.


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Preserving life’s moments, celebrating the great, the important, the powerful. Whatever your story looks like I help you make it magical.


Why Me?

I’ve have been a professional photographer for almost a decade, and during that period I have come to understand that to be brilliant creatively, we must do more than just deliver a high-quality end product. To be brilliant, is to connect with our subject from a place of integrity and honesty, so that the client doesn’t just get great shots, they receive an unforgettable experience.

This integrity, is something which runs throughout my entire longstanding team. From the flexible yet seamless way we work, to the quality of the deliverables. Every step of the way, prepare to be inspired.


  • “Karuna is one of the most generous women I know, in all senses of the word. She has an authenticity that is fairly unique and an ability to put people at ease with her vibrant, warm and friendly character. A true professional – consistently delivering to very high standards.”

    Katherine Walker – Global Marketing Director

  • “Working with Karuna was always a joy. During our time together at Fortnum & Mason, we developed a strong brand vision, reshaping the social channels and creating a distinctly Fortnum’s style. Karuna’s way of working is easy-going, open and should be sold in bottles!”

    Ben – Digital & Social Media Strategy Consultant

    Fortum & Mason

  • “Karuna, simply awesome and inspirational photos!”

    Aisha – Instagram follower

  • “Karuna, your photos are truly inspirational. Brilliant.” Campbell – photography client

  • “Karuna and I have worked together on 2 exceptional photoshoots for my food blog – the quality of photography is incomparable. I would highly recommend Karuna and her team to anyone!” Lucy – Little Luxury Foods


From Fortnum & Mason to The Guardian, my work’s been featured and commissioned by industry leaders and brands. See more of what makes my work shooting places, faces and food special.


Work with me

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